You can easily Accept Card Payments with Pinelabs in IVEPOS Point of Sale

Things to do:

- Buy a device from Pinelabs and Create Account

- Download the IVEPOS app from Pinelabs pax store 

- Getting Started with IVEPOS

- After trial, Contact us at +91 99866 88896 (or)

- Pay for the app and get the Activation Code

- Enter the Activation Code and start using the IVEPOS Point of Sale app

1. Login to the Pinelabs app in the APOS Terminal for Accepting Cards

2. Once the items are added to order list, click on the 'PAY' button at the bottom

2. Tap on the 'Card' option

3. Swipe or Insert the card in Pinelabs POS device or terminal

4. The customer enters the correct pin and clicks ok

5. Payment is authorized and transaction approves

5. Now the card payment through Pinelabs is successful

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