IVEPOS Point of Sale supports Phoenix(Nitiraj Engineers) Bluetooth weighing scales.

  • Nitiraj NPW Series
  • Nitiraj NEW Series
  • Nitiraj NE Series



Few merchants have reported that current generation of bluetooth nitiraj weighing scale is not working with IVEPOS software. We are currently discussing with the manufacturer and supplier on that issue.

Possible causes:

Manufacturer may have updated the device firmware or updated the libraries of SDK ( That was not given to us for updating)


-Merchants need to use the older generation of bluetooth weighing scale devices that was supplied to Intuition for integration.(check with your supplier/seller/manufacturer)

-The next version of IVEPOS will include the updated sdk and firmware (This may take 1week or even upto 3 weeks depending on when we receive the SDK files).

Sorry for the inconvenience(Stay tuned for an update in this space)

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