You can easily Indent Inventory in IVEPOS Point of Sale

1. Once you are logged in, press the ☰ (Menu) button at the top left corner

2. Select the 'Product and tax' menu

3. Click on the Options menu at the top right of the header

4. Click on 'Inventory Indent'

5. Click on the items you need to restock

6. Enter Qty. and Price > Click on 'ADD' button

7. Click on the 'Next' button

8. Review the items (Add taxes and discount if required) > Click on 'ADD' button

9. Select the vendor (Add new vendor) > Enter Invoice number and the amount you are paying now to the vendor > Click on SAVE and Confirm

Congrats - Now the bill is saved to this vendor and items are restocked

It will show details like Vendor, invoice number, Bill Amount, and Paid Amount.

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