It's quick and simple to add and apply modifiers in the IVEPOS Point of Sale

1. Once you are logged in, press the ☰ (Menu) button at the top left corner

2. Select the 'Product and tax' menu > Click on the 'Modifier' (Available from Ver 11.2)

3. Then tap the ⊕ (add) button at the bottom right corner

4. In the 'Add Modifier’ section, you can add details such as the ‘Modifier set name’, ‘Modifier option name’, 'Modifier option price', 'Single Select or multi-select items', and the 'SAVE' it


If Single select items are selected, then the items are restricted to add only one modifier option during billing.

5. Click on 'Add Item' to apply the modifier to items

6. Select the items and then click on the 'SAVE' button

Congrats - Now the modifiers are applied to the items and the modifiers can be added while billing 

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