The IVEPOS Point of Sale app works offline. Your device can continue to make sales and work with shifts even when it's not connected to the Internet. However, not all functions are supported offline; such as SMS, Email, Customer loyalty, and few other restrictions.

When you make sales in offline mode, all of your receipts are stored locally in the device memory. If you go to the Receipt section you will see the receipts list. once the internet is back it will sync back to the cloud.

Note: If you sign out while your device has been disconnected from the Internet, you will lose your receipts made in the offline mode. Therefore, before logging out from IVEPOS Point of Sale, make sure that all of your receipts have been transferred to the Back Office.

You will not see all the offline sales in the Dashboard. After the device restores the connection to the Internet, receipts will be automatically synced with IVEPOS Dashboard

The open tickets work in offline mode but without synchronization with other devices.
Email receipts are sent to customers only after the connection to the Internet is restored.

Other restrictions of the offline work:
If you have connected integrated card processing terminals they will not work offline.

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