Launch your IVEPOS Point of Sale app (Play Store) and go to the 'Sales' screen.

1. Tap on the item's image or icon on the sales screen to add the item to the ticket.
2. It is easy to find items by categories at the top of the screen
3. You can also use the search bar to look up items.
4. You can scan and add the item

5. You can change the quantity of the items by tapping the item on the ticket.

6. By clicking on the 'Remove' button, you can remove the item from the ticket & by clicking the Minus (-) button you can decrease the quantity and click the Add (+) button to increase the quantity.

7. When you need to clear the order list then tap on the ‘Clear’ button.

8. Tap the ‘Pay’ button at the bottom to proceed to the sale.

At the payment window, you can choose a type of payment for the purchase.

If it is a cash payment, you can tap on the suggested amount.

Or if you want to add a custom amount of cash received from the customer, enter the amount in the ‘Amount Tendered’ and then tap ‘Done’.

Once the payment is processed, you will see a window with a summary containing the change due.

You can choose to SMS, email the receipt to your customer or move on to a new sale.

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