It's quick and simple to configure taxes in the IVEPOS Point of Sale right from your smartphone or tablet or POS hardware.

Adding taxes

1. Once you are logged in, press the ☰ (Menu) button at the top left corner

2. Select the 'Product and tax' menu and tap on 'Tax'

3. Then tap the ⊕ (add) button at the bottom right corner (Follow from this step in Dashboard)

4. Type Tax name

5. Then input the Tax value

6a. Select as 'Global tax' and it applies to the total while billing(if you want you can select billing options you want to apply to like dine-in, home delivery(service charges))

6b. Select as 'Item tax' and apply taxes to specific items

7. Then press 'Save'

Now taxes are configured, they will be applied for each purchase.

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